"Spiders & Pumpkins & Bats, Oh My" - A Bible Holiday Song for Kids (Song and Video Download)

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Here is a Bible holiday song called "Spiders and Pumpkins and Bats, Oh My" that will teach your kids that God is the creator of each of these fun October icons.

Sing this with your kids during your next Harvest chapel or Bible time to give God the glory during this holiday season.

October is just around the corner and you may hear your kids say, "Spiders and pumpkins and bats, oh my!" Each of these fun creations will begin to spill into all our stores and Harvest festivals.

So, I wanted to write a song that draws attention away from any scary elements of the October season back to God's grace and goodness.

Take a look at the sample moves of "Spiders and Pumpkins and Bats, Oh My"


The purchase of this song includes the downloadable mp3 file and video of the moves. 

Song by Kathy Vincent, Produced by Kathy Vincent, Copyright by The Scripture Lady, 2016

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