“Jesus Calms the Storm” - A Bible Story Song Based on Luke 8 (Song and Video Download)

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Life is full of storms. Even your children experience difficult days and seasons of life. Therefore, it is never too early to teach your children that Jesus is always just a prayer away to calm the storms in their lives like He did so long ago for His disciples.

"Jesus Calms the Storm" is a very fun retelling of the story from the Bible when He and His disciples were out to sea. While Jesus was sleeping, a huge storm overtook the water. The disciples were very afraid and thought that they were going to drown. Once Jesus awoke from His peaceful sleep, He stood up and proclaimed to the waves, "Be still!" and the wind and waves obeyed.

This story will remind your children that Jesus is indeed the Prince of Peace and can calm every storm in their lives.

This Bible story can be found in the following gospels: Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, and Luke 8:22-25

Watch this video showing a sample of the moves to this song:


The purchase of this song includes the downloadable mp3 file and video of the moves. 


Song by Kathy Vincent, Produced by Kathy Vincent, Copyright by The Scripture Lady, 2017

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