"Jack and Jill Sing the Golden Rule Song" - A Puppet Bible Song by The Scripture Lady

$ 3.00

The Scripture Lady loves singing with Jack and Jill and your kids will love it, too! In this video, Jack and Jill learn what it means to live out the Golden Rule even when others don't.

The Golden Rule comes from Matthew 7:12, which says this: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In this puppet skit, Jack and Jill are learning that their hearts need to be in the right place when sharing the Golden Rule. For example, Jack learns that he needs to be kind and loving to Jill, even if she is not kind and loving to him. Jill learns this same truth about Jack.

Watch this video showing a sample of the song:


The purchase of this product includes the downloadable mp3 file and presentation video. 

The purchase of this product also includes the full downloadable script of the skit.

The purchase of this product also includes a short training video for using puppets.

The purchase of this video DOES NOT include any tangible items.


"The Golden Rule Song" is inspired by a hymn from the public domain composed by Zimmerman, c. 1905.

Script by Kathy Vincent, Produced by Kathy Vincent, Copyright by The Scripture Lady, 2020.

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