Giving and Receiving Christmas Gifts: A Bible Object Lesson

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"Giving and Receiving Christmas Gifts" is a fun Bible object lesson that your kids will enjoy as you poetically teach them how to graciously except all their Christmas gifts with a heart full of thankfulness.

For many, gifts are a big part of the Christmas celebration. But all too often, our children can get too caught up in the gifts and forget the real reason for the season – to celebrate the gift of Jesus. As a result, many kids can become selfish and ungrateful with the gifts they receive. It is a sad state of affairs when this happens. So, how can you teach your kids to be thankful for all they receive, whether it’s on their Christmas list or not?

Perhaps sharing this Bible object lesson about giving and receiving Christmas gifts will do the trick.

Here is a sample video of the presentation for this Bible Object Lesson:

When you purchase this Bible object lesson pull, you will receive a pdf that will give you the links to:

* directions on how to share this Bible Object Lesson

* the presentation video of this Bible Object Lesson

* the instructional video of this Bible Object Lesson

* 25 Slides for use with a Power Point presentation or as printable posters as jpeg files

The purchase of this lesson does not include the objects, bag or any other tangible items used in this lesson.


"Giving and Receiving Christmas Gifts" Bible Object Lesson elements are under the copyright of The Scripture Lady, 2020.

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