A Gospel Magic Trick: A Little is a LOT! by The Scripture Lady

$ 10.00

Without exaggeration, one of the greatest additions to my ministry is the performing of gospel magic tricks. I call a gospel magic trick a "Bible object lesson on steroids." A gospel magic trick is bigger, better and more creative than a normal Bible object lesson.

Here is a gospel magic trick that your kids will LOVE! I call it "A Little is a LOT!" It teaches the truth that with God we have everything we need through His Son, Jesus Christ. And even when it feels like we have nothing, we are actually VERY blessed.

I often perform this trick during the Thanksgiving season, but the wording can be changed to fit any time or season. The main point of this gospel magic trick is God's abundant blessings.

When you purchase this gospel magic trick, you will receive a pdf that will give you the links to:

* the presentation video of this trick

* the instructional video of this trick

* the script for this trick

* printable graphics for the grocery bag and fabric store bag

The purchase of this trick does not include the silks or any other tangible items used in this lesson.

Here is a sample video of the presentation for this trick:


"A Little is a Lot" Gospel Magic Trick video and script elements are under the copyright of The Scripture Lady, 2017.