About The Scripture Lady


Children's ministry expert, Kathy Vincent, also known as The Scripture Lady, began her ministry, by the same name in 1995. 

For 12 years, at the beginning of the ministry, she trained and directed various groups of homeschooled children with ages ranging from Kindergarten to Jr. High.  She directed these children to perform Bible verse songs, which she had written.  Through thematic programs completely centered on Scripture, the children and Kathy would go to local churches and private Christian schools and perform her musical Bible programs. 

It was an amazing time to be able to watch these children grow in their confidence and relationship with the Lord.  It was equally a blessing to be able to go into the smaller bodies of Christ and minister to their children in creative ways to help them get excited about God’s wonderful Word.

God has used Kathy and her children's ministry to share His Gospel to thousands of children over 2 decades throughout Southern and Northern California. 

He has given her several thematic Bible programs for both the preschool and elementary ages, which she’s been blessed to share, all with the goal to help get kids excited about the Bible.

Her programs are a multimedia experience using the creativity and inventiveness of our times.  They are all meant to engage the child in God’s life-changing Word and spur him or her onto a love for the Bible.