Dads in the Bible: An Online Video Bible Time Program

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Dads in the Bible is a Scripture Lady online video program for young children ages 4 to 8 that teaches about different dads in the Bible!

Dads in the Bible will help your kids learn about some dads in the Bible such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David. It’s always good to take time and celebrate the dads and grandpas and uncles in our lives because of their love for us. Whether it’s Father’s Day or not, we should make sure that we show our dads that we love them!

During this program, your kids will learn:

- There are dads in the Bible such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David.

- God has given every dad a special job to do - to love and care for their children.

- Some dads have lots of children such as Jacob in the Bible who had 12 sons!

- God wants each child to grow up to be a good dad or mom who teaches their kids the stories of the Bible.

- God is our Father and gives us good gifts, like every good father should.

- God protects us and takes care of us because He is our loving Father.

Here are sample videos giving you a sneak peak of all the creative ways that your kids will learn about some dads in the Bible:

The Dads in the Bible Song

This fun singing game will introduce your children to 6 very important dads in the Bible: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David.

Pollyanne Sings a Song About Her Dad

The Scripture Lady's cousin, Pollyanne, had a dad who was a carpenter, just like Joseph, Jesus' earthly father. In this fun sining game, Pollyanne will help the children learn about some of the tools her dad used in his carpenter's shop to create beautiful things.

Jacob Had Twelve Sons

"Jacob Had Twelve Sons" is a song that will teach your children the names of the 12 sons of Jacob in the Bible. Jacob will visit the children through The Scripture Lady's Talking Bible Story Board and will be invited to sing along with this wonderful Patriarch of our faith in God.

Teach the Bible to Your Kids Song

"Teach the Bible to Your Kids" will be a song that reminds your kids that when they grow up to be a dad or mom they should teach their kids the Bible. Every good parent should share the love of Jesus with all their children!

The Not-So-Empty Grocery Bag Bible Object Lesson

The Not-So-Empty Grocery Bag is a fun Bible object lesson that will teach your kids that God is a good Father and will always give good gifts to them. This fun lesson is based on Matthew 7:9-11.


Scooter Gives Tips on Loving Dad

Scooter gives the children tips on how to love their dad. From bringing their dad his slippers to giving him sloppy kisses, Scooter will have your kids giggling over these fun-filled tips.

Jack and Jill Sing God is Your Father

Jack and Jill are learning that God is their Father, Protector and Provider in any and every scary situation. Have your kids sing along with this fun brother and sister duo to learn these truths, too!

When you purchase "Dads in the Bible," you will receive access to a page on my site,, that will give you all the following elements for the program:

* A video on the general use for any one of my Bible Time Programs.

* A video that introduces "Dads in the Bible" Bible Time Program.

* Directions on how to download the videos and coloring page(s).

Section One:

* Access to the full length video of the program. Duration of video: 43 minutes, 20 seconds

Section Two:

* Access to each of the individual videos.

* A downloadable Bible coloring page for the lesson.

* Credits for the "Dads in the Bible" Program

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