"The Lord's Prayer" - A Bible Verse Song by The Scripture Lady (Song and Video Download)

$ 2.49

 In my opinion, it is never too early to teach our children how to pray to God. If Jesus spent His earthly life praying to God then so should we - and we should do lots of it! Jesus prayed many prayers to His Father, but probably His most well-known prayer is the one we call "The Lord's Prayer."

"The Lord's Prayer" is a perfect example of the kinds of things that God desires to hear us pray about. God wants us to praise His name, confess our sins, be thankful for all He does for us and to hear our hearts' desires.

Your children need to know that God loves them and wants to hear their prayers. Singing this fun version of "The Lord's Prayer" will help them grow in their need for prayer.

Watch this video showing a sample of the moves to this song:


The purchase of this song includes the downloadable mp3 file and video of the moves. 


Song by Kathy Vincent, Produced by Kathy Vincent, Copyright by The Scripture Lady, 2018

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