"God Will Set Your Heart Free" - A FREE Bible Object Lesson by The Scripture Lady

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Jesus came to set our hearts free to love and worship Him. But sometimes our hearts can get stuck in bad feelings. The "God Will Set Your Heart Free" Bible object lesson will remind your kids how to get un-stuck!

"Have you ever felt sad...Where your heart just felt upside-down?"

That's the beginning of the script to "God Will Set Your Heart Free." We've all felt sad and grumpy at times. But when we remember how much God loves us, our hearts can get turned back in the right direction toward God's love.

This Bible object lesson uses the creative prop called the "Heart On a String." The directions for purchasing this item will be given when you access the downloadable script.

Here is a sample video of the presentation for this lesson:


When you access this FREE Bible object lesson, you will receive a pdf that will give you the links to:

* the presentation video 

* the instructional video 

* the full script 

Access to this lesson DOES NOT INCLUDE the "Heart On a String" prop. This must be purchased separately.


"God Will Set Your Heart Free" Bible object lesson video and script elements are under the copyright of The Scripture Lady, 2017.

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