"What is Sin?" - A Downloadable Bible Review Game for Elementary Kids

$ 6.00

“What is Sin?”  is a creative game for elementary kids to help them learn more about the one thing that separates them from having a relationship with God.

I created the "What is Sin? game to teach kids about the true meaning of sin. We all know that sin is nothing to play around with. But over the years, I have learned that a game can be very effective when teaching about serious topics. It follows the age-old adage of “a little sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Take a look at a sample of the presentation of this video:

Take a look at a sample of a LIVE presentation at an elementary school:

When you purchase this Bible game, you will receive a pdf that will give you a link to a page with all the following:

* Instructions of how to play the game

* 25 downloadable pictures / slides for the game. – Size of each picture: 8.5 x 11 inches

* 1 downloadable label for your balloon board

* 2 downloadable pages of red and black circles

* An instructional video

* A presentation video (You can show this to the children while playing the game.)

* A sample video of a LIVE presentation at an elementary school

* All the files are jpeg files. 

The purchase of this product DOES NOT include:

* any tangible products


"What is Sin?" Bible Game elements are under the copyright of The Scripture Lady, 2019.

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