Where, Oh Where, is Solomon Found: A Game that Teaches the Books of the Bible August 03 2018, 0 Comments

Here is a fun game that teaches the Books of the Bible and their main characters. Do your kids know what book or books Solomon can be found in. Or how about Noah or Elijah or Deborah or Jesus? Play this game and your kids will be well on their way to knowing more about God's Word, the Bible.

Several years ago, I came up with a game that teaches the Books of the Bible and their main characters for my large group of elementary kids.

I wanted them to become more familiar with the names of each book of the Bible along with their main characters. "Where, Oh Where, is Solomon Found" was born and the kids had a lot of fun with it.


Here's how to play "Where, Oh Where, is Solomon Found"

A Game that Teaches the Books of the Bible For this game, you will need the following items:

1. Cards that show the names of the books of the Bible. You can make your own or you could purchase my downloadable product called "Bible Book Cards" for only $5.00. Here is a sample picture of what my cards look like.

Click HERE to learn how to purchase your own set of Downloadable Bible Book Cards. 

You will also notice that my cards have points on the back, which means you can make your game even more fun by letting the kids earn points for their right choices. Choose the Bible Book Cards that you want the kids to choose from. Putting all 66 books out might be a little overwhelming. You also want to set your kids up for success. I suggest you place the cards on a pocket chart so that the whole class can see them.    

2. A copy of the following little song that you will sing with the kids put to the tune of

"Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?"

~Oh where, oh where, is (Solomon) found

~Oh where, oh where can he be

~Can you tell me where in the Bible (he's / she's) found

~Oh where, oh where can he be

(I suggest making a large poster of the song or creating a nice Power Point slide for it.)

3. A list of Bible characters that you want the children to learn in which book they are found.

4. This is optional, but I suggest that you grab some great pictures of each of the Bible characters you want to showcase in your game. You can always go to "Google Images" to find some great pictures to print off.

You are now ready to play.

Simply sing the song with the kids using the name of the Bible character that you want them to find. Show the picture of the character, if using pictures. Let a child come forward and pick a Bible Book Card that he believes contains the character. If you are using points with your Bible Book cards, then the child receives that number of points for his team.

That's it! Have fun!


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