The Four "P's" of Sharing God's Word with Kids: Passion - Part One July 10 2018, 0 Comments

The Four "P's" of Sharing God's Word with kids requires a passion for the Bible!

I think passion scares people. I know it has stirred feelings of unrest in my own heart at times.

For example, I will never forget the picture that was shown on the news soon after 9-11 of Osama Bin Laden. I found myself staring into his eyes and saying to myself, "That man is passionate." I have no doubt that man believed with every fiber of his being that he was completely justified in the terror he inflicted.

There's a situation at my church that has left me feeling uneasy about our new pastor's passion. Our new teacher of the Word came on the scene about a year and a half ago and has pretty much turned everything upside down. If I am honest, it has been difficult to see all the changes.

His passion is not wrong. It's biblically spot-on. I have no doubts that God has given him the passion that he has, but I finally realized that my uneasiness lies in the fact that I don't embrace the same passion.

Therefore, all the changes have caused some doubts and fears and actually people have walked away from the church.

But I am choosing to stay. Because the new pastor is biblically correct in his passion, I am choosing to cheer him on.

God may never give me the same passion my pastor has, but I would want my pastor to cheer me on in my own God-given passions as I choose to encourage him. I've given two examples of passion - one completely misguided and the other completely biblical. I think our society is scared of passionate people because true passion actually produces change.

People, for the most part don't like change. They want to stay in their cozy recliners and watch the world go by. They think it's safer that way. Yet...Jesus was passionate. His passion bleeds through the red letters of your Bible. His passion turned the world upside down and created eternal changes in the men, women and disciples He loved. His passion sent the accusers of the adulterous woman slinking away in their own guilt. His passion led a ruler of the Jews named Nicodemus to confront his own unbelief. And Jesus wants His passion to change you too.

So, as a teacher of the Bible to children, whether in the home or classroom, what is your passion? We will address this question in part two of The Four "P's" of Sharing God's Word with Kids: Number One - Passion.


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