Sunday School Ideas for Preschoolers - Grandma's Breakfast Table March 05 2018, 0 Comments

I LOVE creating fun Sunday School ideas for preschoolers. Here is a sweet poem and game that you can play with your preschoolers to help them learn how God uses our family members to teach us about His love.

"Grandma's Breakfast Table" comes from my own childhood memories of a loving grandma who always did her best for us.

When I am writing Sunday School ideas for preschoolers, I will often go back to my own childhood and remember what it was like when I was growing up. Though times have changed, there are things that still remain the same such as the loving hands of a grandma.

My grandma was cherished by my sisters and I. Every Sunday morning we would all go over to her house and have a lavish breakfast made by her loving hands. Would I have loved her less if she just always gave us "Pop Tart?" I don't think so. But because she put so much time and effort into her breakfasts out of her great love for all of us, I do believe I love her more.

Last Mother's Day, I was able to create a new Bible Song Program for preschoolers called "Moms in the Bible." While the focus was on mothers, I thought it would be nice to include grandmothers. So, I wrote up a sweet poem based on my memories and turned the sharing of the poem into a fun Bible game.

I am providing you with the poem below in case you would like to include it in your own Sunday School ideas for preschoolers or during your chapel time or family devotions.

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Here is a video that shows a LIVE performance of this game:


Poem for "Grandma's Breakfast Table"

After church, when I was a girl, Sundays were our day of rest

We'd visit my dear grandma whose breakfasts were the best!

My grandma would be cooking with an apron 'round her waist

When I arrived she'd let me lick the bowl and have a taste

There were so many yummy plates of food that smelled so good

Let me tell you about each one. I really think I should.

First there was the milk and juice. Oh, I love that orangy smell!

And milk was very good for me. It made me feel real swell.

Next came the strips of meat everyone calls bacon

Grandma fried them in her pan till each was sizzlin' and quakin'

Grandma never forgot the fruit. She thought green grapes were great.

I always liked all the fruits' pretty colors showing bright on the plate.

Stacked so high was the tower of pancakes that smelled delicious

Each in my family took 2 or 3 to place upon our dishes

The star of the table were grandma's famous cinnamon rolls

We didn't want the icing to run away, so we placed them in our bowls

Grandma loved each one of us. Of this, there was no doubt.

For each item on her table showed us what love was all about.


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