Scripture Grids: A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids July 28 2018, 0 Comments

Are your kids aware that God is always near them?  Philippians 4:5 says this: “Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.”  This is a small but powerful verse.  Not only are we to remember that God is always near us, but because of this truth we need to treat everyone with gentleness. 

To be gentle means to be “mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.” (New Oxford dictionary)  Some of our kids can get pretty selfish and hotheaded, so I think this is a verse that they should memorize.  Here’s a fun Bible memory verse activity to help them do just that.  It’s called “Scripture Grids.”

Here’s what you do: If you are able, create a large grid on your floor that has 12 sections – 3 columns and 4 rows.  I use tape to create mine and I make it at least 6 feet high.  Next prepare 12 cards that will be placed in the grid.  The first 12 cards will each have one word from Philippians 4:5.  The 12th card will have the reference Philippians 4:5 written on it.  Place these 12 cards on the grid in correct verse order beginning in the top left square.  Finally prepare a set of point cards as follows:

1.  Row 1, Column 1 = 10 points

2.  Row 1, Column 2 = 20 points

3.  Row 1, Column 3 = 30 points

4.  Row 2, Column 1 = 40 points

5.  Row 2, Column 2 = 50 points

6.  Row 2, Column 3 = 10 points

7.  Row 3, Column 1 = 20 points

8.  Row 3, Column 2 = 30 points

9.  Row 3, Column 3 = 40 points 1

0. Row 4, Column 1 = 50 points

11. Row 4, Column 2 = 50 points

12. Row 4, Column 3 = 50 points

13. Sorry

14. Sorry

Place these cards in a bucket or basket from which the kids will pick.  You are now ready to play the game.

How to play:

Divide your class into 2 teams. A child from team one will come forward and pick a point card out of the basket.  Have the child find the correct card on the grid and turn it over.  He must now say the whole verse including the missing word.  If he does so successfully, he earns the points on the card.  The play goes to the next team.  The game will get harder as each word is turned over.  If a child chooses a SORRY card, his team loses a turn.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Before playing the game, you might want to introduce the lesson in the following way:

Who would like to read Philippians 4:5?  (Wait for response.)  Does this verse say that God is far away or near?  (Wait for response.)  That’s right.  God is always near us.  This verse also says that because He is near us, we should be gentle to all we meet and in all we do.  To be gentle means to be “mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.”  It’s important to remain gentle and kind in this life even when it’s hard.  God will bless you for it.  He loves you and cares about you and is always near you.  Let’s play a fun Bible memory verse activity to help us learn this Scripture and hide it in our hearts. It’s called “Scripture Grids.”


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