Make the Flowers Grow - A Fun Bible Memory Verse Game for Spring April 14 2018, 0 Comments

Here is a fun Bible memory verse game for Spring to help motivate your kids to learn any scripture by heart. This activity takes a little preparation but it will be well worth the work when you see your kids GROW in their knowledge of God's amazing Word, the Bible.


It's spring! The snow is melting. The bees are buzzing. The flowers are growing and the sun is blessing us with its warmth.

Now is the perfect time to pull out your flower pots and create this fun Bible memory verse game for spring to help your kids grow in God's Word.

I call this Bible memory verse activity, "Make the Flowers Grow!"

Here's what you need to prepare for this fun Bible memory verse game for spring:

  1. Choose a Bible verse that you want your kids to memorize.
  2. Break the verse up into the same number of parts as the number of flower pots you have. For example, if you want your kids to memorize John 1:12, you could separate the verse into the following phrases:(I.Yet to all who received Him II.To those who believe in His name III.He gave the right IV.To become V.Children of God)
  3. Collect 5 or more flower pots. I purchased mine at my local Dollar Store.
  4. Collect or make 5 flowers (if you've broken your verse into 5 parts). Again, I bought 5 pretty plastic flowers. But you could make some out of paper.
  5. Attach each flower to a dowel rod or paint stick.
  6. Cut a hole in the bottom of each pot so that the stick you chose will easily slide through and give a nice up and down motion. This is how the flower will "grow."
  7. On the back side of each pot, attach a small paper that has the words to the part of the verse. This little "cheat sheet" is for the flower pot holder to make sure the guesser says the part correctly.
How to play "Make the Flowers Grow":
  1. Choose one child to hold each flower pot in their hands. If you have 5 flower pots, choose 5 children.
  2. Choose one child who will have to say the Bible verse.
  3. As he says each part of the verse correctly, each child holding a flower pot will push up their flower through the pot to make it grow. If the child saying the verse does not say the verse correctly, the flower stays hidden in its pot.
  4. Two Ways to Play: a. You can require the Bible verse guesser to say each part in order and he only "wins" when he gets all 5 flowers growing OR b. You can can let the child try and get parts of the verse right and you can give him 100 points for each flower that he makes grow. However, if you choose "b," make sure the child eventually says the whole verse correctly at some point so that you know he has memorized it.

That's it! I hope you enjoy this fun Bible memory verse game for spring with your kids.

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