King Hezekiah and the Heaps of Blessings - A Bible Story for Children April 11 2018, 0 Comments

The story of King Hezekiah and the Heaps of Blessings: A creative telling of this Bible story for children.

I LOVE coming up with creative ways to share Bible stories for children. One of the funnest ways I know, is using lots of different props.

Here is a script for an adaptation of 2 Chronicles 29 - 31. It is the story of King Hezekiah and his desire to rebuild and honor the temple of God.

I include this Bible story for children in my Thanksgiving program called "Heaps of Blessings." I was inspired by this verse from 2 Chronicles 31:6, which says: The people of Israel and Judah who lived in the towns of Judah also brought a tithe of their herds and flocks and a tithe of the holy things dedicated to the Lord their God, and they piled them in heaps.

Our children need to learn that God is a God of abundance and loves to pour out His blessings upon us. But we can also have the privilege of pouring out heaps of blessings to God. Bible stories for children like the one of Hezekiah can effectively teach this truth.

Here is the script that I adapted from the scripture. You will need to gather all the different props and be ready to pull them out of a fun bag or suitcase that you might want to label your "Bible Story Bag." I have put all the props in boldface type so you can see them easily. Practice the script so that the story flows well and so the children stay engaged.

King Hezekiah and the Heaps of Blessings

Raise your hand if you like to go to church. (I pull out a small wooden church and wait for response of children.)

Church is a very special place where all kinds of different people (I pull out 3 different stick puppets) come to worship God.

In Bible times, people came to worship God at a very special place called the Temple of God. (I show a picture of King Solomon's temple. You might like this link as a possible picture.)

Everyone loved the temple and took very good care of God's temple. In fact, much of the temple was covered in gold. (I pull out a bag of plastic gold coins.)

But eventually, the people stopped loving God and stopped going to God's temple and stopped taking care of God's temple.

Before everyone knew it, the temple needed repairs. (I show a picture of the temple being repaired. You might like this link as a possible picture.)

But there was a new king of Judah. (Place a crown upon your head.) His name was Hezekiah. Can everyone say his name? (Wait for children to say, "Hezekiah.")

King Hezekiah loved God very much and in the first month of being king, Hezekiah began to rebuild the temple.

He asked many workers to get out their hammers (I pull out a hammer) and measuring sticks (I pull out a ruler). The king wanted everything to be just right for God's temple.

Next, the king ask the priests of the temple to get rid of everything bad and sweep it all away. (I pull out a broom and do a sweeping motion.)

Because the king and the people cared about the temple, God showed that He cared for them by forgiving their sin. (I pull out an empty Valentine's Day heart box of candy. I glued a cross to the inside.)

Eventually (I open up the candy box and show the cross) God would send His one and only Son Jesus to die on the cross to forgive us of all our sin.

The people began to sing praises to God using all different kinds of instruments. (I pull out a horn and blow on it.)

The party was just beginning and everyone wanted to celebrate God. (I pull out a party blower and blow on it.) King Hezekiah wanted all of Israel to celebrate and sent them an invitation. (I pull out a scroll with some Hebrew writing on it.)

Sadly some people stayed home and not want to celebrate God. But many people did come and celebrate and theBible says the people brought heaps of grain, olive oil, honey and whatever they grew in their fields. (I pull out some fake grapes, carrots, a jar of honey and a pretty bottle of olive oil.)

The Bible also says that the people brought heaps of cows and sheep. (I pull out a stuffed cow and sheep and make the "moo" and "baaah" sound.)

There were piles and piles and heaps and heaps of gifts given to God's temple. (At this point, I have place all the objects into one big bucket as a nice visual to show the "heaps of blessings.")

Boys and girls, did you know that you can bless God by going to church and helping take care of the church? You can give God heaps of blessings when you show that you love Him.

God loves you and wants to give you heaps of blessings to.


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