Keep it Up! - A Fun Bible Memory Verse Activity with Balloons May 13 2018, 0 Comments

Try this fun Bible memory verse activity with balloons to add lots of excitement when memorizing the Bible. "Keep it Up!" is a simple activity that only requires a Bible verse and one or more balloons.

Your kids will love it! When you add God's Word to a fun Bible memory verse activity with balloons, you have a winning combination.

"Keep it Up!" will motivate your kids to learn their Bible verse with gusto.

Here's what you need to prepare to play "Keep it Up! - A fun Bible memory verse activity with balloons: First, you will need to choose a Bible verse you want your children to learn. Maybe it's one that goes along with a Bible story that you have been teaching or maybe it's one that you get from your curriculum. Second, make word cards for each word in the Bible verse. Then place these cards in order and face down on a pocket chart or on a table for all the kids to see.

Click HERE for an example of how I made word cards for John 3:16.

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Third, blow up a few balloons to have ready for the game. I like to use the 12" to 18" size. Finally, be ready to keep points on a board or a piece of paper. You are ready to play!

Here's how to play "Keep it Up! - A fun Bible memory verse activity with balloons: First, go over the Bible verse several times to help the kids grow in their confidence of having it memorized. Putting a Bible verse to music is a great way for kids to quickly memorize a scripture.

Next, pick a child to play the game. You can separate your group into 2 teams if you'd like or let them gain points separately. Throw the balloon high up in the air. The child must keep the balloon up in the air with any part of his body EXCEPT his hands. You need to keep track of how many times the child makes contact with the balloon before it falls to the ground. Let's say the child kept the balloon up in the air with 4 touches. The child would then get to turn over 4 Bible verse word cards to help him say the verse correctly.

If the child says the verse correctly, he then gets to keep the balloon up again, just like before. But this time, he is trying to make as many touches to gain points before it falls to the ground. He earns 100 points per touch.

That's it! Fun and easy!

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