How to Tell Bible Stories - “The Cube Story” Presented by The Scripture Lady March 20 2018, 0 Comments

How to Tell Bible Stories: The Cube Story - Here is a creative way to tell a Bible story to kids to keep them engaged and listening.

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Read the following “transcript” of this video and learn how to tell Bible stories using the creative idea called “The Cube Story

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I am always looking for creative ways on how to tell Bible stories and share God's amazing Word. Using a "Cube Story" is a great way to keep your children engaged while sharing.

What you will need to do for this tool for your classroom:

You will need to get some kind of hard board like a hard cardboard or in this case, I used coroplast, which is really corrugated plastic. (Available at art stores or sign stores or from 4mm, Multi-pack Coroplast Blank Signs, 24"L x 18"W, 7-pack)

As I open up my cube, it has 6 sides - 4 squares are going down vertically, with 3 squares going across horizontally. I added small pieces of velcro to each of the 4 ends so that when you "close" the cube back up it all attaches together really easily and nicely.

Then you can probably see that I have a lot of great visuals on all the 6 sides. The story that I am sharing in the video is the story of Easter when Jesus died on the cross.

For the pictures I used, I simply took one of my children's Bibles that has great pictures. I picked out the 6 scenes that best show the story I want to tell. I copied those pictures on my printer to the size of each square on my cube, cut them out and then taped each one to a square.

If you have chosen to use coroplast for your cube, this works especially nice because it is easy to tape your pictures to the plastic. No tear marks are left which might happen if your cube is made of paper. You can then switch the pictures out for another story.

You will also notice that I attached small "cheat sheets" to each square. These small pieces of paper have the words to the story that I want to tell. This will help greatly as you move the cube around and tell the story.

If you can memorize the story, that would be great, but the "cheat sheets" will help if you are lacking preparation time. However, make sure you practice moving the cube around to its correct side before sharing with your children.

After you tell the story, your cube will have a hidden secret inside. After you tell the story, ask the children if they knew who the story was really about. Wait for their answers. Then say, "Let's find out who our story was really about by looking inside our cube." Open up the cube and reveal the cross on the inside.

As you can see in the video, I made large letters that spell out "GOD'S SON."

That's it! Once you have made your cube, you can use it to tell many wonderful stories from God's Word!


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