How to Tell a Bible Story - “What’s in the Bag?” April 19 2018, 0 Comments

What’s in the Bag? - Here is a creative way of how to tell a Bible story to kids to keep them engaged and listening.


Read the following “transcript” of this video and learn how to tell a Bible story using the creative idea called “What’s in the Bag?”

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I learned about this creative form of Bible storytelling from a children's curriculum writer named Tina Houser. I highly encourage you to go online for her great curriculum for the Christian classroom. She is fun, energetic and an inspiration to me in my own ministry.

For this form of Bible storytelling, you are going to take any Bible story and separate it into a number of sections. So, if you chose the story of "Creation," that really lends itself nicely to be separated into 7 sections because there are 7 days to the story of "Creation." Then you will find an object that best describes or depicts each part of the story. You will place each object inside a bag.

For example, I went to my local "dollar" store and bought colorful bags and then went to my computer and created colorful number stickers that I placed on the front of each bag.

Sticking with the story of "Creation" I separated my story into 8 sections and I chose the following objects to place in each bag:

Bag One: A flashlight (Let there be light. Genesis 1:1-5)

Bag Two: Cotton balls (Let there be sky. Genesis 1:6-8)

Bag Three: Dirt (Let there be dry land. Genesis 1:9-13)

Bag Four: Suntan lotion, a toy star, and some swiss cheese (Let there be sun, moon and stars. Genesis 1:14-19)

Bag Five: Toy birds and fish (Let there be fish and birds. Genesis 1:20-23)

Bag Six: A Barbie doll and a boy hero action figure. (Let there be people. Genesis 1:24-31)

Bag Seven: A sleeping mask. (God rested on the 7th day. Genesis 2:1-3)

Bag Eight: A bag of candy to give out to the class to end by saying, "And God saw all that He had made and said that it was very good!" Genesis 1:31

Once you have all the bags filled, you will hand out a bag to each child. If you have less than 8 children, you can double up on the bags, if more than 8. the children will have to take turns.

You will then begin telling the story of "Creation" by asking, "Who has bag #1?" That child should come forward and pull out the object from the bag. As he pulls out the flashlight, you might say, "Hey, what does a flashlight have to do with the story of Creation?" Wait for his answer, then proceed to tell the first part of the story of Creation either from your Bible or perhaps with Power Point slides.

Continue to ask each child to come up with the next bag until all the bags have been brought forward and the full story has been told.

"What's in the Bag?" is a very fun and engaging way to tell a Bible story. It uses fun everyday objects that you can probably find around your house or at your local "dollar" store.

This form of Bible storytelling is great for both preschoolers and elementary children.


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