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Here is a practical article on how to share the Gospel with preschoolers along with creative ideas to do so.

Who doesn’t like to hear good news? Adults and children alike love being the recipients of good news. And preschoolers are no different. God has wired the preschooler with extra quantities of joy when hearing good tidings I believe, and in my mind, they are ready to hear the best news of all - the Gospel, or good news, of Jesus Christ!


In its very essence, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple: God made you. God loves you. God wants to have a relationship with you. But you are a sinner, which prevents the relationship from happening. But God loves you so much that He was willing to do what it took to bring you into relationship with Himself. So, He gave His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for the forgiveness of your sin. But Jesus did not remain dead. He came back to life and lives in Heaven with His Father, God. When you believe that Jesus died for your sin, you can now have a relationship with Him that will last forever.

Yes, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, but deeply profound and ultimately life changing. As teachers to preschool children, how can we begin to share the Gospel effectively with these little ones God has placed within our care? I believe the key to accomplishing this task is in the word “begin.”

You must begin sharing the main points of the Gospel and God’s Word at the child’s level. Begin sharing God’s truths carefully and simply and the Holy Spirit will begin to give them understanding little by little - just as He has done for you.

So, let’s look at the main points of the Gospel and I will present you with some creative ways to share God’s wonderfully good news with your little ones.


Point #1: God Loves You!

Preschoolers are “love-sponges.” If you are willing to poor some love into their lives, they are usually ready to receive. They are even ready to receive the fact that they can be loved from afar by a long distance family member such as Grandma or Uncle Bob. Preschoolers are definitely ready to hear that God loves them. I believe God wants us to tell our children that He loves them as much as we possibly can.

Here is a link to give a creative way to share the truth that God loves your preschoolers:

A Story of God’s Love:


Point #2: God Made You

Preschoolers are fascinated by their bodies. Sometimes they just like looking in a mirror to discover more about who they are. And God knows everything about them, even the number of hairs on their head. At this age, it is important to carefully navigate your children through the differences they may see with other children. I work closely with children and adults with special needs and I always focus on their abilities and the hearts that God has given them. God, Himself, says that He looks at our hearts. That is His focus and it should be ours as well. Teaching your children at an early age to discover a person’s true heart will be one of the greatest lessons you can ever give.

Here is a link to give a creative way to share the truth that God made your preschoolers:

How Did God Make You?


Point #3: God Wants to Be Your Friend

While God has made preschoolers to be very self-absorbed at this age, they are also learning fundamental social skills. In other words, they are learning how to be a friend. Friendship can be a frustrating road at any age, and preschoolers are also figuring out how to navigate around different personalities. But God can be their very best friend. He’ll never make fun of them. He always wants to be with them and He wants to share His love with them. who doesn’t want a friend like that?

A friend keeps his promises. Here’s a creative way to share with your little ones that God always keeps His promises:


Point #4: Sometimes I Do Wrong Things Called Sin

I love CEF’s (Child Evangelism Fellowship’s) definition of sin: Sin is anything I think, anything I say or anything I do that makes God unhappy. This is the definition I use when teaching about sin to preschoolers. Although they are young, they are becoming very aware when they do something wrong. When you see a preschooler commit a sin, I believe you need to take them aside and lovingly point out what they did wrong, who or what got hurt (if anything), and then point out the truth that God does not like it when we sin. As the Holy Spirit is teaching this child through your leading and guidance, the child will become more aware and sensitive to doing wrong. They must then go and say they are sorry for what they’ve done and tell God they are sorry, too. Unfortunately, we live in a society that squelches the practice of doling out consequences for our wrong doings, but as Christians, we have an obligation to teach our children early on, that when they sin, they are doing so against God.

Here is a link to give a creative way to share the truth that your children sometimes do wrong things called sin:

All Have Sinned Balloon Bop: A Bible Game Based on Romans 3:23


Point #5: Jesus Died to Forgive Your Sin and Is Alive!

This Gospel point is the Easter story in a nutshell. It’s also the most sensitive point to share with preschoolers. While I am a proponent of sharing the message that Jesus died on the cross, I encourage you to be very aware of the sensitivities of the children whom you work with. You should never share the gory details of this part of the Gospel with your little ones. But you can point out the fact that Jesus loved your children so much that He was willing to be hurt for them. Preschoolers already understand pain. They know what it means to bleed and have scrapes and “owies.” As the Holy Spirit works in their lives, prayerfully they will become more aware of Jesus’ great love for them and slowly, but surely, understand His great sacrifice.

The following is a link to my story, The Little Hill. This is a great rendition of the Easter story at a preschool level.


Point #6: I Believe in Jesus! and Someday I’ll Live with Him Forever!

The last main point of the Gospel to share with your preschoolers is the chance for them to declare that they believe in Jesus and eternity with Him. As mentioned before, preschoolers don’t need to see Jesus to believe in Him. They are children and Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14) I believe God made this profound statement to remind us that our faith in Him must be like that of a little child - you don’t have to see to believe.

Should you ask your preschoolers to believe in Jesus? In my opinion, absolutely! Do they know and understand everything about the Gospel? No, but with any kind of learning, you must let the child declare what he does know to be true at the time of his learning. God is using you to help build a relationship with Him truth upon truth.

Here is one of my favorite ways to share the Gospel with preschoolers:


In closing, if you haven’t already started to share the good news of Jesus Christ with your preschoolers, begin now and begin well!

If you are interested, you might want to check out this book by Kirk Cameron:

The Way of the Master for Kids: Teaching Kids How to Share Their Faith 


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