Highlights of God's Beautiful Garden Program by The Scripture Lady August 01 2018, 0 Comments

Here are some highlights of God's Beautiful Garden program perfect for ages 2 - 6. This program will teach your young children that their lives are like a garden in which God wants all HIs goodness and truth to grow.

These highlights of God's Beautiful Garden will give you a sneak peak into the elements of my newest program I was able to debut this past June 2018.

This is a program that I have wanted to write for a few years, but haven't got around to it till now.

I love the truth that according to John 15:1, God. the Father, is our gardener. He wants the best fruit and flowers to come forth out of our lives as we follow Him. He also wants to keep away the "weeds" of sin so that our lives are filled with His goodness.


Let me present you with four videos giving highlights of God's Beautiful Garden:

Eve's Beautiful Garden


If we are going to talk about gardens, we MUST talk about the very first garden God made, the Garden of Eden. This fun part of the program introduces Eve to the children.Eve sings to the kids and tells them just how beautiful God made her garden. This song showcases Steve Axtell's Talking Frame.

Marvelous Marvin, the Amazing Inchworm

This idea showcases my self-hanging puppet box out of which Marvin appears. Marvin plays a game with the children to teach them about some of the different flowers he likes to crawl around on and let's the kids count the petals.

Seeds of the Trinity Game

In this program, I wanted to take the opportunity to teach the children about the concept of the Trinity. This is no easy task, but one that I think can be introduced even to our young ones.

The Little Flower Pot

"The Little Flower Pot" is one of my fun object story lessons that I love to share! The story is about a little flower pot who learns that God has a plan for her just like God has a plan for all of us.


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