Darcie Maze’s Puppet Scruffy: Scruffy Learns to Forgive - A LIVE Performance April 07 2018, 0 Comments

For the past 4 years, I have had the great privilege of sharing Darcie Maze's puppet Scruffy with hundreds and hundreds of preschoolers. Without exception, Scruffy is the highlight of my programs. The children are always excited to see Scruffy and learn more about God from what is hidden inside his heart.

Do you use puppets with your preschoolers? If you don't, you are missing out on a great tool to share the love of Jesus. About 4 years ago, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a puppet in my preschool chapel programs.

When I was ready to purchase a puppet, I went straight to Darcie Maze at a conference that we were both speaking at. I looked over her choices of puppets and instantly fell in love with her puppet Scruffy! His big eyes drew me in and spoke of love.

I also loved how easy it was to move his mouth. A flexible mouth on a puppet is a MUST, because otherwise your hand can get tired quickly. Little did I know that on that day 4 years ago, my programs would take a turn down a path that I will always stay on. My puppet Scruffy is wonderful and I love coming up with new skits to help the children learn more about Jesus. Here is a LIVE performance of me with puppet Scruffy in front of several preschoolers. In the skit, Scruffy is learning how to forgive the next door neighbor's dog who chewed up his favorite toy.

Take a look:

As you can see in the video, puppet Scruffy has a hidden heart. This is Darcie Maze's genius with all her puppets. You can hide a small object inside the heart and have a child come and pull out what's inside. This object gives you great opportunity to share a message and truth about Jesus.


Here is the script that I used for "Scruffy Learns to Forgive"

(Before the skit, Scruffy will have a thorn inside his heart. He will also have a torn up dog toy in his mouth.)

SL: Hey, Scruffy! Whatcha got in your mouth? (Scruffy has a torn up dog toy in his mouth. Scruffy appears upset.)! Ooooh! You’ve got your chewed up dog toy. (Scruffy nods) You’re not too happy about that, are you buddy? (Scruffy shakes his head.)

You see, boys and girls, our next door neighbor has a new puppy. Scruffy and I wanted to go meet him and Scruffy thought it would be friendly of him to bring over one of his dog toys to share with the new puppy. But the puppy, his name is Butch, kind of tore it up. (Whisper to kids: Scruffy’s not too happy about it.)

(Scruffy gives me a “mad” look.) I know. I know your sad and mad, Scruffy. But Butch didn’t chew up your toy on purpose. (Scruffy looks at me.) He’s just a puppy and he doesn’t know how to behave with new friends yet.

You know, when you were a puppy, you ate up several of my shoes. (Scruffy shakes head) Yes, you did. (Scruffy shakes head) Yes, you did. (Scruffy shakes head) Yes, you did.

Scruffy, the point is that I forgave you and I think you need to forgive Butch. (Scruffy shakes head) I’m afraid that if you don’t forgive Butch that your heart might end up kind of prickly inside. In fact, I think we need to check your heart right now to say how things look in there. (Pick child to check heart who will pull out the “thorn.”)

See, Scruffy! I told you so. Your heart is turning prickly. You don’t want a sad heart that doesn’t forgive, do you?! ! (Scruffy thinks and then shakes his head.) I didn’t think so. So are you ready to forgive Butch? (Scruffy nods yes.) Good boy, Scruffy! The next time we visit Butch, we’ll just bring one of your dog biscuits to share. Everybody say, “Goodbye” to Scruffy


So, what about you?

Are you ready to add some puppets to your ministry or classroom?

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