Bible Story Pictures for Easter: A Scripture Lady Idea March 24 2018, 0 Comments

Using Bible story pictures for Easter is a great way to teach your kids about the greatest story of love in the Bible. The story of Easter is the true story of how Jesus willingly gave His life to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sin. This story is a must for all children to learn.

Easter is just around the corner and I hope and pray that at some point during this festive season you take the time to share the true story of Easter.

When you gather your children around, consider using the Bible story pictures for Easter that I am providing for you today. The pictures that I have chosen to place with the scriptures come from a great resource which I purchased several years ago.

They come from a 2-DVD collection called "The Ultimate Bible Picture Collection."

All of these pictures are found in the public domain.

How to use the Bible story pictures for Easter 

These Bible story pictures for Easter can be used in a variety of ways including adding them to your existing Sunday School curriculum or with your family devotional.

I have provided you with select scriptures for you to read while showing your children the pictures, however, feel free to use a retelling of the Easter story for younger children. Words like "crucified" can be hard to understand for preschoolers, but they can still enjoy the Bible story pictures while you tell the story in your own words. If you are in a Christian school setting, you can encourage your children to create their own Bible story pictures for the story of Easter after being inspired by these pictures.

They could create their own journals using the pictures or use these pictures for creative dictation. These Bible story pictures for Easter are also a great tool for helping your children remember the parts of this story.

Each picture can be used as a memory "clue" or "jogger" to help your kids recite the timeline of what happened to Jesus during the His journey to the cross, resurrection and ascension back to Heaven.

Here are the following pictures.

I have provided them for you as thumbnails.

Just click on each one and you will be led to the full size version.

You may want to read the scriptures from as you show the Bible story pictures for Easter.


Bible Story Pictures for Easter:

Picture One: The Triumphal Entry (Luke 19)            

Picture Two: The Last Supper (Luke 22)            

Picture Three: Jesus Washes the Feet of the Disciples            

Picture Four: Jesus Prays in the Garden (Luke 22)          

Picture Five: Judas Betrays Jesus with a Kiss (Luke 22)            

Picture Six: Jesus Heals the Man's Ear (Luke 22)            

Picture 7: Peter Denies Jesus  (Luke 22)          

Picture 8: Jesus is Mocked (Luke 22)            

Picture 9: Barabbas is Chosen (Luke 23)            

Picture 10: Jesus is Crucified Pic One

Picture 10: Jesus is Crucified Pic Two              

Picture 11: The Soldiers Cast Lots (Luke 23)            

Picture 12: The Angels at the Tomb (Luke 24)            

Picture 13: Jesus Shows Himself to Many (Luke 24)            

Picture 14: Jesus Ascends into Heaven  (Luke 24)


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