Bible Idea for Preschoolers - You've Got Bible Mail! March 08 2018, 0 Comments

Coming up with a creative Bible idea for preschoolers is always fun! Here is a fun way to introduce any Bible theme you would like to share with your little ones.

In my chapel presentations to preschoolers, it's always important to me to come up with a Bible idea for preschoolers that will keep their attention.
"You've Got Bible Mail!" is one of these fun ideas.

 Here is a fun little video I created that I play on my Power Point to let the children know that we just received some Bible mail. 


 Bible Mail Video from Kathy Vincent/The Scripture Lady on Vimeo.

For this Bible idea for preschoolers, you will need to either make or purchase an actual mailbox. I went ahead and bought one at my local hardware store for only $20. I know that I will use it a lot, so the cost was justified. My mailbox is the traditional metal kind with the red flag on the side.

To make the mailbox unique to my ministry, The Scripture Lady, I added a sticker to each side that says, "The Scripture Lady's Bible Mailbox." You could add your own ministry's name on the side of yours. Another thing I did, was I added a yellow cross to the very front pull-down door.

Lastly, I printed off a cute picture of a front cover of a Bible and attached it to some foam core, then secured it to the square part of the flag. Now, my mailbox is unique and really gives the sense that it is meant only for special "Bible mail." The first time I used this Bible idea was for my most recent Chapel presentation called, "All of My Heart." I wrote it to coincide with Valentine's Day, however, the idea can be used with any theme.

Because the theme was on "love," I pretended like my grandma sent me some Bible riddle cards that showcase 5 people in the Bible who loved God with all their hearts. I chose Moses, Queen Esther, Jonah, Adam and Eve, and Joseph. I made up a cute card that looks like it came from my grandmas with the following note on the front:


Dear Honey,

I thought I'd send these fun cards to you that give some riddles about different people in the Bible who loved God with all their hearts.

Read the riddle on the front of the card first, then see if you can guess the answer.I think your Bible banner will give you some hints. Open the card up to see if you got the correct answer.

I love you! Scripture Granny


I then made 5 cards. I decorated the cards with hearts and on the front of each card I put a riddle.

Then on the inside of each card, I placed a picture of that Bible character. Finally, I placed all 5 cards along with Grandma's note inside a large envelope.

I made it look like a real piece of mail by adding "To" and "From" labels along with a pretend stamp.

Regarding the banner that is mentioned in the note above, I created a banner that has the 5 pictures on it. I am providing you with the file right here:

Click here for file of the banner in pdf format.

Before "playing" the game, I go over each of the 5 stories to introduce and/or remind the children of each of the 5 characters. Pointing to the banner aids in this review.

To "play" this Bible idea for preschoolers, I picked a child to come forward and open the mailbox. She pulls out the envelope and I proceed to take out all the cards. I read Grandma's note and then I read the first riddle.

I encourage all the children to yell out the answer. When the answer is said, I open up the card to reveal the picture. The child can now go to the banner and point to the matching picture. Pick a new child for the next card and repeat the process.

Here are the riddles for each of the Bible characters for this Bible idea for preschoolers:

1. We were the first 2 people that God made. God placed us in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with everything that was good. We loved God very much. Who are we? (Adam and Eve)

2. When I was a boy, my dad gave me a coat of many colors. My dad taught me to love God with all my heart. I loved God very much. Who am I? (Joseph)

3. God used me to lead the Israelite people through the Red Sea. It was a miracle. I loved God very much. Who am I? (Moses)

4. God saved my life by having me swallowed up by a giant whale! I loved God very much. Who am I? (Jonah)

5. God made me a queen so that I could save the Israelite people. I loved God very much. Who am I? (Esther)

Here are the links to the pictures of each of the Bible characters for this Bible idea for preschoolers:


Queen Esther


Adam and Eve


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